February 2018

2018 is whizzing by already, I can't believe it's almost March!

Anyway, since our last update, we've confirmed our new labels to be Chloe Haywood London, with an exclusive order of newborn cashmere hats just for us, and yoyo Children's Wear, with some beautifully classy tartan skirts and dresses.

We are so happy to welcome both of these British brands to the Home Grown family. Take a look on our collections pages for more of an insight into their amazing work and credits. 

With family life keeping me busy, the business is a slow grower, but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day as they say! My now 8 month old has sprouted some teeth, so nights roll into days in an endless trail of dribble, tears and mountains of lotions, potions, ointments, gels, powders etc etc (that's just for me)!

We have been looking at the trade, craft and country fair schedule for the year ahead as we want to get out into the big wide world. So far we have been confirmed for the Ashby Show in July, and there will be lots more to follow. 

Anyway, thanks for everyone's support, it's amazing how nice strangers can make you feel with their lovely comments about what we're working towards, I'll update again soon. 

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